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History of Luminox watches

Luminox watches are known by the self-powered illumination system that is unique to them, and guaranteed to last for at least ten years. In order to incorporate this facility, Luminox watches undergo additional manufacturing steps that no other watches in the world do. The history of Luminox is closely tied to this unique feature of its watches.

Richard Timbo and Barry Cohen, two business acquaintances who knew each other through their career as sales representatives, were looking for creating a market through branded products or proprietary technology that would place a barrier on competition. They found the Swiss company RMBG, which had a unique illumination technology, and suggested that this technology be incorporated into Swiss watches, and obtained exclusive rights for the use of the technology in Northern America.

The new design watches, which were initially marketed under the brand name of the Swiss company, was soon re-christened Luminox, a name highly suggestive of its unique illumination capabilities that had been derived from the Latin roots Lumi, meaning light, and nox meaning night.

The unknown brand of watches was still struggling to make a mark in a competitive market that laid great value by brand name, when it got a break in the form of a call from a US navy procurement officer. In 1993 the company received an invitation from the procurement officer of the US Navy SEAL teams to supply it with a specially designed range of watches. The US navy’s Sea, Air and Land (SEAL) teams needed a dive watch for use on their night missions. Luminox took up the challenge and worked with its Swiss partner for nine months before coming out with the first Navy SEAL watch in 1994.

This was a turning point in the history of Luminox watches. The seal of approval given by the SEAL improved the credibility of the brand and boosted its image in the consumer market. Demand for the watches started to grow. The company started selling its plastic model Luminox watches.

After selling several thousands of its plastic model watches for five years, the company introduced the first steel version, with carbon fiber bezel, in 1999. The steel version of the SEAL dive watches was an instant success. From this, it was apparent to the manufacturers that if they could make the watches in greater varieties and numbers, the market would absorb them. This spurred the company on to an expansion drive and the desire to introduce new models.

In the fall of 2000, the company came out with an all steel series and an all titanium series. The new launches were again greeted with resounding success, as the market lapped up both the products. These series incorporated features that are found in what are considered fine watches, and included 10-year lithium batteries, sapphire glass crystals and anti reflective coating.

The company also developed a new version that was targeted at special customers adding freshness to its range.

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Romance Books: a Must Read for All Youngsters

Romantic love means you are deeply attached with your mate and you want to exchange love feelings with him or her. Romance is a sentiment of heart. Writing a love letter to your partner is a great way to express your love. Your romantic relationship starts with a romantic date, then by holding her or his hand in your hand. Just a hug or cuddling would show how much you care for your partner.

Add romance to your relationship by increasing physical and emotional intimacy. Start with a red rose which can fill the atmosphere with its lovely fragrance. It is also important to spend quality time with each other. Say romantic words to each other and do not worry if they sound poetic. Bring romance to your relationship by increasing emotional intimacy. Bring some spice in your relationship by going out and spending time with each other. Bring flowers for her/ him and try to please her/ him.

Buy some of Shakespeare’s erotic romance books and say some quotes to your sweetheart. What really matters is that you make sure that your feelings and respect for your lover are made clear by your words. Communicate your feelings and show them to your lover. Read a romantic novel or watch a romantic movie. The romance in your relationship is far more important than the romantic words.

Romance is a shared feeling of being special in each other’s life. When there is lack of trust, relationships don’t work. This trust can be re-established by clearly communicating and expressing your thoughts. Respect each other's feelings, be honest to each other and care for each other. In romance, nothing is impossible. You get a new outlook to life. Read romance books and look the world with a different attitude. Everything would seem charming to you. You would want to do everything that pleases your partner. Impossible things would seem possible. Your whole life takes a new turn and it becomes beautiful too.

Love comes directly from the heart. Remember the days when you first met your partner. Show that you care by delivering flowers at work. Express your feelings and enjoy spending a romantic evening together. Give a little effort and your relationship will boost up. You need to keep romance live in your life. This way you can have memories of the important days in your life. Have a quiet evening with your lover or a candle light dinner. A gentle touch, a hug, or just cuddling will show how much you care for him. There are boundaries in love that should be respected. Please your beloved by giving her gifts and reciprocate her love.

A good romance book has a hero or heroine in love with each other and who meet a happy ending. Romance writers know how to incorporate action, suspense, mystery and love in a story. It can have steamy scenes. These stories are strong enough to capture and entice the reader. They connect with the readers by giving them excitement for hours. Sometimes, you never know what is going to happen next. This situation makes the reader more enthusiastic to read the novel.

Search erotic romance books and learn important tips from them. Get a range of romance books that are available in the markets. Select the one that interests you and make your romance life rocking. Some of the popular romantic books include “The Sound of Waves”, "Love and Limerence” "Love Songs of the New Kingdom,” and "The Grand Sophy." All these stories are based on romance and glorify the love.

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Home is not Just for Living, Get a Loan Out of It!

Financial assistance may be in the form of loans or borrowings from your friends, relatives or financial institutions. If you have taken a loan from a friend or relative in the past, you must have noticed that such a borrowing often becomes a point of friction in the relationship. Moreover, some of us do not find it comfortable to reveal our financial standing and requirements before our friends and relatives. Are there any other financial institutions that can offer help to meet the sudden financial needs? You will be glad to know that in the modern day loan market, there are many such institutions which can help you in this regard.

If you are looking for low-interest loans for homeowners, the market is flooded with impressive offers from some of the biggest names in the loan market. Let us understand what kind of a loan is a homeowner loan? A homeowner loan is a loan in which the ownership rights of the home are assigned in the favour of the lender in case there is a loan default.

Since the loan approval is made on the basis of the assigned property, this loan is secured and not unsecured. Homeowner loans are easy to arrange and have an attractive interest rate from the view point of the borrower. These loans are excellent options for those who have been denied unsecured loans or do not want to get an unsecured loan. Homeowner loans have evolved to a significant level in the last several years because of the positive attitude of the financial bankers and even the customers.

If you are looking for the loans for homeowners, then you can consult a financial expert or even seek the advice of your friends, relatives or colleagues who have a prior experience with such loans. It is recommended that you make a comprehensive and detailed market research before signing on the dotted line. One more thing to remember, always make sure that you carefully read and understand the terms, conditions and financial impact of a homeowner loan.

A secured homeowner loan does not attract punitive fees in many conditions, and is therefore, considered to be a better option for those who want to seek the release of capital from their respective real estate investment or have a less-than-perfect credit history. But a piece of advice for you, do not rush into the things at the very first place. Have a clear vision and give it a thought and if you still think that this is the best option for you, do not wait.

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Seven easy steps to profitable online viral marketing

Viral marketing is a creative marketing technique that relies in large part on social networks to reach its audience. It is worth mentioning that viral marketing shouldn't be confused with other traditional publicity techniques because whilst the second relies mainly on paid promotional services the other uses the free online community has a means of spreading the word. If done correctly more knowledgeable marketers will even be able to put into motion an entire well orientated marketing campaign, many times requiring no money what so ever.

Mounting a viral marketing campaign or trying to accomplish a viral effect isn't easy, but with the help of a few methods and practical tools the chore could be greatly facilitated. These seven profitable online marketing rules will provide a good starting point whilst also helping make a site more profitable.

Provide email newsletters
Creating an interesting newsletter only takes a few hours at best and the results could be quite rewarding. The email newsletter will basically serve two very distinct purposes. The first mission will be to provide subscribers with valuable information and the second to serve as a reminder to visit the site. To take the most advantage of each subscriber the newsletter should contain catchy bold headings and only short well written introductions containing a link to the articles available on the site. An email newsletter although not the best example of viral marketing, can still deliver compensating results especially if the newsletters are made widely available.

Feed the world
Feeds are the single most important allies when it comes to Viral Marketing. The internet has taken a rather particular liking to feeds and now there are hundreds if not thousands of sites dedicated entirely to them. Feed aggregating sites can catapult and propagate the reach of a feed way beyond its normal boundaries. Also another benefit worth mentioning is that just like email newsletter, after a reader subscribes to a feed, they can be used to provide valuable news updates and serve as a reminder to visit the site.

Give free goodies
People love free things no matter what they might be. The internet revolves around free services, it could be considered a tradition. A site could offer a wide range of things starting from icons, wallpapers, templates, themes, software, plugins, ebooks or even services like free hosting and publicity.

Start a competition
Starting a competition is an excellent way to motivate readers to take a more active role on the site. This will be achieved by engaging the reader's competitive nature. Just like free gifts, people love to win prizes no matter what they might be. These can even one of the free goodies but instead of giving them away, they are awarded as a final prize.

Employ the power of free services
Social networking and bookmarking sites are the nucleus of any successful viral marketing campaign. Using free sites like Myspace, Flickr, Yahoo Mash, Digg, reddit and Twitter could help kick off the much desired viral effect. These sites are perfect since they are completely free and have an extensive user base ready to be exploited. Most people are not aware but the blogosphere is a giant social network worth millions in publicity and a remarkable breeding place for viral marketing.

Captivate dreams
Internet users are normal human beings that just like everyone else in the world, have expectations, personal desires and dreams. Individuals will only share, propagate, something that is worthwhile and meaningful. Something spectacular that will catch the attention of the community driving them to desire and want to be part of the movement. When writing an article, beginning a competition, offering free gifts or selling a product, it is essential to include a good sum of marketing magic to turn that ordinary item into something literally spectacular.

Go the extra mile
Viral marketing requires perseverance and a good amount of inventiveness. With the spreading out of the internet most individuals have become quite sedated to nearly all common advertisement techniques. Going the extra mile means creating new emotions, developing new solutions, solving old problems and making a lot of noise in the process. Create a buzz with bold statements, integrate innovations and turn ordinary everyday things into cyber works of art.

Viral marketing is the alteration and exploration of new frontiers. To be successful, marketers will have to establish new ingenious ideas and persuade the various social communities to desire them. In the end viral marketing will be a natural process of autonomous propagation, requiring no interference from its creator.


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